September 16, 2016

Last spring I went to my brother's high school graduation. His last name is Williams and like all people who's loved ones graduate last(ish) I  whispered and visited with family around me. I know, how rude...but we all have kids and are scattered all over Texas, so this was the perfect time to catch up.

My uncle leaned over at one point and asked, "So what do you do now? Are you teaching? Coaching?" I told him I was a graphic designer for a t-shirt company and he laughed. It was a spit your drink out on the person in front of you laugh and I laughed alongside him. See, my life's goal was to be a college softball coach. I went to school to coach, played college softball, did the grad assistant thing and with the Lord watching over me I stepped into my first role as an assistant and I loved it. But life changed. I had a baby and my goals changed. Coaching was amazing but it didn't allow me to be the parent I wanted to be and that wasn't so amazing. So I changed.

My journey as a stay-at-ho...

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